One detail that the visit by our Jirani, is the signing of the SGR deal.
This is one thing that President Ruto has done.. solely out of Patriotic reasons. Uhuru selfishly borrowed half a trillion shillings to set up a Railway into his private farm.
And staggered away leaving us with the debt paying for a Railway to nowhere.

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Rais Mchapa Kazi took over and quickly engaged the Leaders of South Sudan, DRC and the Congo Republic..and managed to bring them together to agree on a joint SGR that will run from Mombasa, Through Bomet, Kisumu, Siaya,Vihiga, Kakamega, Busia before hitting Uganda…then go through Uganda to DRC and South Sudan.

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This is what brought the SGR back to life…..
Ruto cares very much about Nyanza and Western Kenya..the prime beneficiaries of the SGR…..
Over time, you will understand why Ruto is the one person who will transform Kenya…and not for PR purposes, but real transformation…