A Story With A Great Lesson

A man visited his old father and told him,
“My wife has completely changed. She doesn’t look young anymore; her body is no longer beautiful. I want to divorce her now and marry another lady. I deserve a younger, more attractive and slimmer woman, preferably with long hair.”

The old father paused for a moment, then said,
“Wait, I will come to your house tomorrow to look at your wife. And then if I see that she is truly ugly, you will divorce her and marry another lady.”

The following day, the old father came over to his son’s house. Upon seeing his wife, he shook his head slowly, lost in thought, then told his son he would get back to him later.

Three days later, the old father invited his son to his house and told him,
“You are right. Your wife has become so ugly and horrible. You must divorce her! Listen, I have found a better woman for you. She lives in a place called Emoh. No woman in the world is more beautiful than her.”

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The son looked at his old father with amazement, and said,
“Wow, great! Tell me father, where is this place called Emoh? I want to meet that woman.”

The old father was silent for a moment, but what he said next was a total surprise,
“Did you ever realize that “Emoh” spelled backwards is “Home”? The woman lives in your home. No woman is more beautiful than the woman you have in your home as a wife.”

The son was speechless, he couldn’t say a word. Just then, his old father added,
“I think you should get your eyesight tested. Apparently, you’re not seeing your wife correctly. If you can’t see the bride you married every day in all of her beauty, then you’re the one who needs help. Your wife gave her youth up for you, and gave her body to have your children. She survived life’s ups and downs to stand next to you. If you don’t think your wife is pretty, it’s because you haven’t focused on her. Be aware, without maintenance, every living thing withers and dies. Feed her with love, respect and attention and watch her blossom. Spend time on her, she will be like those you see outside.”

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Nobody is more beautiful in this world than a woman who is a wife and a mother. She has been through so much and has sacrificed part of herself in order to play her roles. Her beauty is incomparable.

I let my stories teach the life lessons.