Mikel Arteta on Arsenal record at Old Trafford:

“We know what we need to do but first of all we have to perform at a really high level to deserve to win the match. That’s what the focus is.”

On his first game as Arsenal manager at Old Trafford since and the evolution:

“It moves so fast and so many things happen daily that you don’t tend to remember much about what happened three or four years ago. It’s true that it’s been an unbelievable journey in every sense with a lot of changes and how we have come far from where we were, but there’s still a lot to come.”

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On Manchester United dip form:

“I don’t think about it, every game has a different context. We know the difficulty and the history when you look at what we’ve done over there, so we’re going to have to be at our best to earn the right to win the game.”

Mikel Arteta on head-to-head with Man City two seasons in a row:

“We are on the journey to try to catch them and be better than them, which is the aim and what we have to do. It’s an inspiration to have this level of opposition and it makes you better if someone challenges you to go further and further.”

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Mikel Arteta on if Arsenal don’t win the league:

“My brain always takes me to the players lifting the Premier League, that’s what my brain is doing at the moment. I just follow my brain and my gut and this is how I feel, and this is the way that I want everybody to think and hopefully we can achieve it.”


Gooners ♥️, this title can never bypass us. We’re lifting it.