1. She wears glasses

There’s just something about women that wear glasses especially. They look so hot and most of the time they’re usually naughty in bed.

  1. She has a big forehead

If she got a big forehead like Rihanna. You can be sure she’s really nasty and takes control in bed.

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3. She has a gap teeth There’s a Jamaican saying that women with gap in their front teeth have good punani.

  1. She’s got big lips

Women with full horizontal lips have even fuller and juicier lips.

5. She has acne/ pimples Kevin gates said women with acne/pimples have got good p****y because their hormones are so imbalanced that it causes congestion.

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6. She’s short If she’s 5,7 ,you can be sure she’s got a good coochie. There’s also a saying that short women have good grip down there. It might be trueeew..